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Simon Clarke is Deputy Head of Graduate School at the Royal Northern College of Music, UK, and is the director of its Contemporary Philosophy Research Centre (CPRC). While active as both composer and performer, his principal research interests develop Derridean, Adornian and Badiouan themes in particular. Extending philosophical and musical gestures into each other’s domains, Line and Colour: Instrumental (Ir)rationality in Adorno’s Musicology, for example, traced timbre’s significative non-identity (and its implications for Adorno’s via negativa) within musical works, while Derrida and Topic Theory: Musical Semiotics Folded Back into Philosophy sought to draw novel conclusions from a topical reading of key Derridean texts. Most recently, Debussy’s Speculative Form: Timbre, Texture and the Substance of Jeux argued for a Hegelian reading of Debussy’s late orchestral style.   

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