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Yonathan Listik

Contrat doctoral

PhD student, Graduate Teaching Asssistant at the University of Essex

My research interests are related to philosophy, more specifically, the possible connections between contemporary ontology in the continental tradition, political theory and aesthetics. I am interested in how these themes appear in Critical Theory and Heideggerian philosophy but also new approaches to those traditions such as the philosophies of Nancy, Stiegler, Agamben and Ranciere.  My central focus is the idea of the masses and their relation to knowledge or lack of it.  I am interested in understanding the meaning of the 'demos' and its relation to knowledge.  My intuition is that there is a possible relation between a philosophical lack of knowledge and stupidity as a form of intellectual curiosity. Furthermore, I feel that in today’s world of abundant information, stupidity has become an interesting conceptualization of political pariah. My project aims to philosophically circumscribe how those topics appear in fields such as literature, sciences and history.

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