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The decisive moment

Stéphane Lojkine
Chapitre d'ouvrage
Words and Images. A French Rendez-vous
Directeur(s) de l'ouvrage: 
Anthony Wall (édition et traduction)
University of Calgary Press
p. 93-137
n° ISBN: 

Words and images interact with each other in art and everyday life, and do so in many different ways. Building on recent trends in linguistic analysis and visual semiotics, a vibrant interdisciplinary field of inquiry called “word-and-image studies” has developed over the past few decades. Much of this new scholarship, however, has originated in the French-speaking world and thus has not been available in English – until now.

     Words and Images: A French Rendez-Vous features six new essays translated from the French by editor Anthony Wall. These explorations spin an adventurous web through time – from the very beginnings of human language on prehistoric cave walls, to the textual background of early modern and Enlightenment art, to the coexistence of a poem and a coloured drawing on an exterior wall in contemporary Paris – and through interdisciplinary space, from archaeology and anthropology to art history, literary and communications theory, and philosophy of mind.
     The volume concludes with a bibliographical essay that provides an extensive summary of the most recent critical studies undertaken in France, Belgium, and Canada.

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