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Auteurs & Autrices :
  • Cavallin Jean-Christophe
Mots-clés :
  • Metamorphic zone agency Bruno Latour modernity object/subject
  • Metamorphic zone
  • Agency
  • Bruno Latour
  • Modernity
  • Object/subject

Résumé :

To bridge the Great Divide between subject and object, Bruno Latour uses the notions of 'agency', which neutralises this division, and 'metamorphic zone', as the place where 'performances' of an anonymous agency are translated into 'skills' of an identified agent. But in literature, as the repressed often returns in defence formations, this translation tends to describe agents in the distorted guise of subjects-i.e. as persons or characters. This article proposes to reevaluate the notion of agency in the light of the notion of form, and thus explore a way to shunt the anthropormorphic bias where still dwells the spectre of our thwarted modernity.

Type de document : Book section