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Gerhild Fuchs
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Archives Texte et Musique (ATeM), n° 1
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Article dans une revue
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More often than not, we vainly try to bring into relief the autobiographical aspects of a short poetic text. The autobiographical material being either carefully hidden or ostensibly unveiled, Philippe Lejeune coined the notion of espace autobiographique (autobiographical space), which has proved relevant to emphasize the intriguing interplay between a fiction and an attested autobiography. This methodological framework can be adjusted to the works of the French singer Barbara, and particularly to her posthumous and unfinished autobiography (Il était un piano noir, 1998) and to a selection of her songs which seem to be riddled with biographical details. Our stylistical approach aims at analysing how a feeling of ambiguity is created, intertwining false certainties and subtle indications.