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Auteurs / Autrices :
Directeur(s) / Directrice(s) de l'ouvrage :
Anne Deneys-Tunney et Yves Charles Zarka
Nbre ou N° pages :
p. 45-56
Editeur :
De Gruyter, coll. Culture & Conflict
Année :
Revue, Collection, Ouvrage collectif :
Rousseau between Nature and Culture. Philosophy, Literature and Politics
Type de production :
Article dans les actes d'un colloque
n° ISBN (ou ISSN) :
Couverture Rousseau Nature Culture

DOI : 10.58048/2968-9198/120 (en français)

Rousseau has beeen seen as the inventor of the concept of nature ; in this collective volume philosophers and literary scholars from France and the United States examine how Rousseau's philosophy can be reinterpreted from the point of view of a constant dialectical debate between nature an culture. In this, Rouseau is our true contemporary.